With various flight routes worldwide, and almost 100 flights within the Asia Pacific Region entering Sabah, making it one of the most best tourism hotspots in Malaysia. Hence, boosting Sabah’s tourism industry and economy, as the state is highly accessible from major airport around the world.

The impact of MICE activities will generate efficient demand towards the hotel, shopping, transportation, property and services industries. Yayasan Sabah Group proudly began constructing Sabah International Convention Centre (SICC), the first world-class convention centre in Sabah, with the support of RM250 Million facilitations funds from the Federal Government.

Creating a positive impact on the social and economical aspects of Sabah, through establishing MICE in our tourism sector, SICC acts both as an engine of economic development and a social force, impacting a wide range of industries. As disclosed by Chief Executive Officer of D'Heritage Datuk Hajah Rosmawati Lasuki, the convention centre will create approximately 650 job opportunities, with a forecasted increase in the figure in coming years.

With Yayasan Sabah Group educational support towards the local community through scholarships, producing consortium, a wide range of occupation involving MICE will be developed, allowing local suppliers to mass produce their products and encourage entrepreneurship.

This consortium of entrepreneurship, a concept of “farm to kitchen”, prepares an opening to broaden the demand for local products, poultry farms, dairy products, seafood supplies and arts and crafts would be given a vital role towards to development of SICC and also provides visitors insights to our local productivity. Additionally, this will also embolden Sabahans’ to take this opportunity to gather their resources to distribute large sums of their products to SICC as food and beverages, decorations, landscape, souvenirs, and many other aspects the centre requires. A positive social and economical impact for Sabah to strive further.